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The Paris Métro is a great way to get out and see all that Paris has to offer.  You will find that there are many things to do in Paris that are conveniently located near a Paris Métro stop.  The Métro is a rapid transit system that operates in Paris, France. Since opened it has become a symbol of the city, noted for its density within the city limits and its uniform architecture influenced by Art Nouveau. The network is mostly underground and runs to 214 km (133 mi) in length. It has 303 stations, of which 62 facilitate transfer to another line. There are 16 lines, numbered 1 to 14 with two minor lines, 3bis and 7bis. Lines are identified on maps by number and colour, and direction of travel is indicated by the destination terminus.

Paris is the second busiest metro system in Europe, after Moscow.  The Métro carries 4.5 million passengers a day through Paris, which equals an annual total of around 1.479 billion.  It is one of the densest metro systems in the world, with 245 stations within 34 sq mi (86.9 km2) of the city of Paris.

The first Paris Métro line opened without ceremony on 19 July 1900, during the World Fair (Exposition Universelle). The system expanded quickly until the First World War and the core was complete by the 1920s. Extensions into suburbs (together with Line 11) were built in the 1930s. The network reached saturation after World War II. The Métro has since introduced newer trains to allow higher traffic, but further improvements have been limited by the design of the network and in particular the short distances between stations.


Paris Metro Official Website

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