About Paris

Paris is the capital of France as well as the most populous city.  It’s 2,230,000 inhabitants not only make Paris one of the largest population centers in Europe but cultivates a thriving metropolitan community where technology and fashion reign supreme.  Whether you want to discover the latest fashion trends or tour the landmarks and museum, Paris is sure to offer something for everyone.

Paris is divided into 20 Arrondissements and experiences climate changes ranging from below freezing in the winter months (October through March) to well above freezing in the summer months (May through September).  In the middle of summer temperatures can reach as 100°F (38°C) while the winter months can reach as low as -11°F (-23.9°C).  Depending on the month you are traveling, ensure you pack accordingly to avoid spending extra time preparing a new wardrobe once you are in Paris.

If you are planning on visiting Paris we highly recommend getting acclimated to the city by touring in one of the numerous On-Off buses available throughout the city.  These buses are available all year-round and offer a great way to see the major attractions in Paris  without having to walk.  If the weather is a bit cold in the winter or the humidity is to much in the summer, these On-Off buses provide a great covered transport to get around the city.

When looking for Things to Do in Paris, make sure you purchase a Paris Pass.  This card needs to be purchased in advance but when visiting you will be thankful for how useful and handy it is.  You will get access to the Metro stations around Paris and also access to over 60 of the Top Museums and Top Landmarks  in Paris.  Not only do you get access to all these great attractions as well as access vuia the Metro, but you can also skip virtually all of the lines.  At the Louvre this could save you over an hour.








Avg Daily highs °F (°C) 43 (6) 45 (7) 50 (10) 55 (13) 63 (17) 70 (21)
Avg Nightly lows °F (°C) 34 (1) 34 (1) 37 (3) 41 (5) 48 (9) 54 (12)
Precipitation (mm) 54 44 49 53 65 55








Avg Daily highs °F (°C) 73 (23) 73 (23) 68 (20) 59 (15) 48 (9) 45 (7)
Avg Nightly lows °F (°C) 57 (14) 55 (13) 52 (11) 45 (7) 37 (3) 36 (2)
Precipitation (mm) 63 43 55 60 52 59

In Paris, nearly all of the tours and attractions remain open for the entire year and provide plenty of opportunities for visitors and tourists to see everything the city has to offer.  Paris is home to some of the greatest museums and landmarks in the world and provide well-organized and clean public transportation that rivals any of the world’s largest cities.  Depending on how you will be planning your vacation or trip to Paris, you will have many options on attractions and ways of getting around.

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