Paris Safety

Paris is a safe city with plenty of things to do within a walk able distance.  Your safety is important when traveling so you can focus on having a great time during your vacation.  The major tourist attractions are bustling with tourists and activities and the easiest way to get from site to site is to either walk or take the Metro.   Most of Paris is walk-able but for longer trips from one side of Paris to the other, the Metro is recommended.  The sidewalks and walking paths are well laid out quite wide.  With a strong police presence at most of the landmarks and museums, safety shouldn’t be a worry.

When you are walking be aware of the following scams which are present throughout the city:

Gypsies may come up to you asking “Do you speak English?” and asking you to sign a sheet of paper for a rare disease.  

    • DO NOT sign this sheet, normally after you sign they will turn the sheet over and tell you that you owe them money and the paper you just signed is a contract to do so

Gypsies or even well dressed men/women may ask if you dropped a piece of jewelry and that they just found one

    • If you take this jewelry or accept it from them they may yell that you have robbed them or that you owe them money for the jewelry, DO NOT accept anything from a stranger

Street sellers will often try to place a bracelet or a piece of string on your wrist

    • DO NOT let them put anything on your body, especially wrists, they will most likely put it on and then harass you to pay them for it

The police can be reached by phone by dialing 17. Not all police officers speak English, but those found around main attractions areas usually do. The police pride themselves on being approachable and professional and will be more than willing to help you as long as you also treat them with mutual respect.

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By far the most common crime in Paris is pick pocketing. Pickpockets are most likely to be found working at crowded tourists hot spots, such as the Eiffel Tower, Sacre Coeur, and Notre Dame. They will also likely to be found at any area with large crowds, such as train stations and large department stores. In order to stay safe, hold your bags in front of you, making sure your belongings are zipped inside. Never put anything besides a map in your back pockets. Keep your cellphone and wallets in your front pockets, in a bag or purse, or in a money belt if you feel the need to do so. You can also be creative and put your money in your shoe or other places a person could not reach. The metro is also a popular place for pickpockets. Hold things tightly and be aware of your surroundings. While trains are usually crowded, if someone is insisting on being near you and invading your personal space, be vigilant as they are probably going through your pockets

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