Things to do in Paris

Paris provides plenty of options when looking for things to do in Paris.  The wide walk ways and plentiful public transportation options (ex. Paris Metro, Paris RER) allow easy access to many of the sites within Paris. When visiting Paris we highly recommend purchasing a Paris Pass prior to arriving.  This pass will provide access to over 60 museums, landmarks, and other tourist destinations to ensure you have of plenty of things to do while visiting.

Visit Paris Museums & Galleries Free


We highly recommend you purchase a Paris Pass before you arrive in Paris.  This pass will save you a lot of time and money when you are running from museum to museum.  Not only does it give you access to over 60 attractions in Paris, it also let’s you skip nearly all of the lines.  You will surely never run out of things to do in Paris if you purchase one of these.  While in Paris we highly recommend taking time to visit these museums.

Paris Pass


Be sure to check out these famous Paris landmarks during your visit.   Most only require you to make a quick stop, during your vacation you may even use some of these daily as you tour the city.  We crossed the Pont Alexandre III multiple times during our vacation as we went from museum to museum.


While traveling in Paris you will find public transportation around the city easy and safe to navigate.  The Metro puts you within a 3-5 minute walk to a Metro station anywhere in the city.  If you are looking to take a day trip to Versailles or Giverny you can use the Paris RER throughout the day in 10-15 minute intervals between trains.  Cabs and Taxis are also very fast but will normally be more expensive then hopping on the Metro.

Paris Metro

Paris RER


Visit Paris Museums & Galleries Free

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