Métro and RER

Paris Métro

The Paris Métro offers visitors and tourists to Paris with a great underground train system that is fast, affordable, and easy to follow.  The Métro is a great way to see many different attractions and landmarks if the weather is poor or they are separated by more than a couple Métro stops. Tickets can be purchased for the Métro at almost all of the stations via a Kiosk or the Ticket desk if available (and open).  All Métro  stops are well marked and can be found with a 3-5 minute walk of nearly any point in Paris.

The Paris Métro is comprised of 16 different rail lines, lignes in French, and have trains travel all day at intervals of 6-8 minutes between 5:00am and 12:30am (Saturday night/Sunday morning until 1:30am), stopping at all stations on the line. Times for trains can be seen on an electronic scroll board above each platform.

The Paris RER

The Paris RER (Regional Express Network) gives visitors and tourists a great way to see some of the attractions that are a bit removed from downtown Paris.  There are five RER commuter train lines: RER A, B, C, D, and E.  A regular Métro pass can be used within zones 1-3 of the RER but in order to get to Zone 4 where attractions such as the Palace of Versailles are located, an additional pass must be purchased that provides access to Zone 4.

Getting to an RER stop is as convenient as a Métro stop.  Visitors can find them marked with ‘RER’ (rather than ‘M’ for the Métro) and most of the stops within Zones 1-3 are shared with a Métro station.  Trips on the RER usually take a little longer then the Métro but provides greater regional access outside of Paris.

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